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Dance Your Socks Off returns in 2023 on October 15th at Cowboys Roadhouse/Windsor Park Inn

Please visit our tour page for for more info, or the FMB Store to buy tickets. 

Lineup changes...

The Foster Martin Band would like to welcome Blaine Badiuk on fiddle, mandolin and vocals, as well as the return of Ray Martin on lead vocals. 

Original lead guitarist Alan Popowich often joins the group and we also don't believe we've seen the last of our dear friend, vocalist and fiddle player Lyle Baldwin who is always welcome on our stage.

Video Archives - 2019 - Nashville's Winnipeg ... Set One

Set one of the Foster Martin Bands show Oct 2019 at Nashvilles Club in Winnipeg



 Lyle Baldwin playing harp

 Foster Martin Band

 Dauphin's Countryfest 2014

 The Foster Martin Band