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Australia 2007

Photos from the three shows the band played in Melbourne Australia, Sept 2007.

Cagnes Sur Mur France

Photos from Cagnes Sur Mur - July 2005

Dauphin 2005

Photos from Dauphin Countryfest 2005

Dauphin 2014

Photos from Dauphin Countryfest 2014

FMB 25th Anniversary

Geneva Switzerland 2017

Lyon France

Taken from the Rail Theatre in Lyon France - June of 2002

Mirande France

Mirande France - August 2004

Raceway Bar & Grill /
Maricopa AZ

St. Patricks Day at the Raceway Bar & Grill


Geneva Switzerland 2004 & 2006

Terrassa Spain

The Banjo Festival in Terrassa Spain (Barcelona) - August 2004

The Nashville Honky Tonk

Terrassa Spain

What A Party - CD Release

June 22nd 2008 - Jaguars Night Club, Club Regent Casino.